About David Zahn

                            David Zahn     RESUME




                                   2013   Baugher Built, Resin relief sculpture 

                                              Created for Deere & Co

                                   2012  Trail Head Park  “Forging a Dream” sculpture

                                              8’ wide 4’ tall bronze  (created for Deere & co)

                                   2009  Moline Public Library 28” H Bronze High Relief

                                   2006  Children’s Museum Bettendorf Iowa 

                                              (ceramic sculpture)


                                   2004 Hauberg Museum (Black Hawk State Park)

                                            Life-size bronze bust, For state of Illinois 

                                   2004  City of Moline Gateway Project

                                             (4 brick piers with relief sculptures in concrete)

                                   2003  Scott County Administrative Building                 

                                              Davenport Iowa, (1.25 Life-size Bronze)

                                   2002  North Scott School District Eldridge Iowa

                                             (6’ X 3’ bronze relief)

                                   2002  North Scott School District Eldridge Iowa

                                             Life-Size bronze figure sculpture

                                   1999  Quad City Marathon (bronze figure awards)

                                   1998  Genesis Hospital “(Life-size portrait bust)


GALLERIES:            Bereskin Gallery,  Bettendorf Iowa

                                 Quad City Arts Gallery, Rock Island Illinois

                                 Off the wheel gallery, Door Co. Wisconsin

I have been producing, and selling bronze, and ceramic sculptures for over 25 years. In this time I have done more then 40 works in bronze, ranging in size 16 inches tall, to larger then life-size works weighing over 500 pounds. I participate in gallery shows at public arts centers, and museums, and have been a featured artist many times. I have participated in Sculpture in the Park, in Loveland Colorado and other high-end art venues. I have won many awards, and have numerous works in private, corporate, and public collections. This resume is a condensed version of my career. 

                            These are some highlights from this past year. 

                                  - June 2017,  Top Juried, bronze piece in the Peoria sculpture walk, 12 month display     

- Aug.  2017, Merit award Up town art fair                                                          

- Nov. 2017, Juried exhibit at The Freeport Art Museum                               

- Feb. 2018, Best in show award, Juried show, Tubac Art Center, Arizona

           -  Mar. 2018,  Only sculptor, in a 4 person show, Quad City International Air Port

                                    - April 2018, Currently working on a found object sculpture for Chad Pregracke  of the             

    Living Lands and Waters, organization.                                                                    

                     - June 2018, Bronze work accepted for public display, Ames Iowa, 12 month display.

                                                                   - Sept. 2018,  Bronze work accepted for display, Coastal Discovery Museum, Hilton Head Island SC.              

Exhibit Oct,1 — Jan. 31st, 2019                                                                            


                     -Oct 2018, Best in show award For "Time Passes" at Ames Iowa Street art display.    

Artist Statement                 DAVID ZAHN

As an artist who has been creating works for many years, there are some aspects of my pieces that are apparent. The human form has always been a major element in my work. Integrating images of people and blending them with abstract forms has been a long lasting  direction in my art. I strive to create a feeling of timelessness and a strong emotional element in each piece. I make finished works in bronze, ceramic, and other materials as needed.                                                                                                                                                                               

 My newer body for work focuses on the raw aspects of the materials being used. I also strive to challenge the viewers sense of reality in an entertaining way. As in the past, I am incorporating movement and the feeling of outside forces acting on the sculptural images. I am also trying to give you the feeling of the material itself. I want people to see the immediacy of the application of the materials as the piece was formed. The sculptures say, “This was made out of clay”. Up close you will see the signature of my hand movements, finger tips, and tool  marks, as the sculpture was being made from the once soft clay. The bronze sculptures start works in clay, then when molded, and cast in bronze the sculptural image is preserved.                                                                                                                                                                                             

     I also like to have a bit of mystery in my art, so don’t be surprised if you can’t figure out exactly what is going on in the sculpture. My work is imaginative, thought provoking, and surrealistic at times, so the viewer has to make some of their own conclusions. 

                                         David Zahn    Biography                                    

David Zahn lives and works in Moline, Illinois. Originally from the Chicago area, he has been creating art work for many years. David works in both 2-D and 3-D art mediums, and is known for his ceramic and bronze sculptures. Whether sculpting or painting, his art works are always imaginative, interesting and contain some sort of mystery in them. Movement is another important aspect of David’s art. He likes to create intriguing juxtapositions of static and flowing forms in his artistic imagery. Works by David Zahn can be found in both public, private, and corporate collections. There are many pieces of his art on permanent public display both indoors, and out of doors, in Iowa, and Illinois. 

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