Sculptures by David Zahn portraits & figurative work in ceramic & bronze

When an artist is asked, "Of your artwork, which is your favorite?" most of us would say something about the one we just finished, or the thing we are working on at the moment. Well here is my answer to that question. My new bronze, "Matrix", It is 27" tall, 12" wide 9' deep. 

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Bronze Works


I have produced over 40 bronze sculptures in the past 30 years. I make my own molds, and waxes. When creating a work I am personally involved in every aspect of the production.

Ceramic Works


If I am producing a work that is to be cast in bronze, or to be fired as a finished ceramic piece, it all starts with clay. A ceramic piece of mine is a one of a kind work of art . 



Creating a portrait sculpture is always a great adventure. The goal  is to capture the emotion, likeness, and state of mind of the subject. All of those things with an artistic take on it, equals success. 

Ideas and Maquettes


I really do consider all of my smaller ceramic works to be a maquette for larger bronze pieces. See some of these in this section.



I love to do commission work for people. I do special pieces in bronze, ceramic, and other materials such as resin, plaster, and concrete.

Shows & Fine Art Fairs


      I  participate in juried art shows in many places. I also show my work with different organizations, and  do some fine art fairs. I like all of these things, it keeps me out there, and in touch.