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Creating contemporary figurative sculpture in bronze, ceramic, and other mediums
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Portrait  Sculptures
 This page is dedicated to images showing the process of creating a portrait sculpture. Many people like to see the different stages in development of an artwork. The image is that of D.D. palmer the father of Chiropractic medicine.
Here is a nice close shot of DD Palmer the man who started chiropractic care.
It is always interesting to do portrait work. I can use photos as I had to do in this case.

Below see the portrait I did of JJ Watt. I only used the one photo. I would have gotten in even better if I had a set of pictures from all sorts of angles, but it was one of those things I just kind of started doing one afternoon.
Drawing by Leonardo Da vinci.
Sumo portrait. Life size ceramic sculpture.
In this picture you can see how the sculpture was left a little flit on the back. The reason for this is that it was designed to fit in a niche in a on a wall in a office. 
My Da Vinci piece shown from the other side on my bronze works page was actually taken from that drawing on the right.
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