SCULPTURES BY DAVID ZAHN  Illinois & Iowa regional artist
Creating contemporary figurative sculpture in bronze, ceramic, and other mediums
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I really got into making these torso works in the spring of 2017.
Available, call for price

Titled "Easter Island Head" This is a work that captures the raw, qualities of my newer style of handling the materials. Fired to cone 5.

Sold this one in Omah in June.

This is one of this years torso series.
22" tall

Sold this one in Marshalltown Iowa. I plan to do some more of this type.
 for this work, I took the original clay model that was used to create the bronze sculpture "Confluence" and chopped it down a bit. This is larger then life size at 27" tall.
I love the look of the clay when still workable.
This is a detail of the piece on the left.
Available ceramic Call for price, or further details
Titled "Sarah" this free standing relief sculpture  is 26" tall and only about 8" deep.
The face is larger then life-size. In person this one has great impact.
Detail of "Virtual Humanity". A new work created in the spring of 2017. 22" tall
Available, call for price

This is one of my favorite things. It looks so good in person.
This work is 18" tall and is the new look for my ceramic head/bust series. It is made from a light colored clay body and iron oxide stained, fired to cone 6. It was sold a while ago but is one of my favorite examples of my work
Available. This is a great little piece.
Sold this one in the summer 2017. I consider this to be a sketch for a much larger bronze sculpture.
All pieces in this image are sold. However I am in the works on new pieces that are of the same type imagery.
All of these sold in 2017. Let me know if you are interested in any new works similar to these.
This work is available. It is at Off The Wheel Gallery in Door county Wisconsin at this time.
Sold this one in Omaha to a nice woman. This is a good example of my vases with integrated feces on them. The face in this one was close to life size.
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