contemporary figurative sculpture in ceramic, bronze, and other mediums

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This image shows a series of works I have been doing off and on for the past 20 years. I refer to them as pot climbers.

A nice example of one of many (Fat Man) series pot climbers.
Sold to a collector this summer, this is a great example of one of my "Tornado People" as some people call them.
This work is 18" tall and is the new look for my ceramic head/bust series. It is made from a light colored clay body and iron oxide stained, fired to cone 6. It was sold a while ago but is one of my favorite examples of my work
This surrealistic sculpture of a fish with a human head is titled (JACK). It is 24" tall and 26" long. The title comes from the family of fish that the work is inspired from(Jack fish) . To me this is one of those works were everything came together just right. Though this piece is not for everyone to like, it really makes an impression to see in in person.
 (Vexation of spirit) This sculpture is life size in proportion. It is ceramic with a polychrome finish.  
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