SCULPTURES BY DAVID ZAHN  Illinois & Iowa regional artist
Creating contemporary figurative sculpture in bronze, ceramic, and other mediums
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"Confluence" Also shown on my home page.
"Confluence" Detail

Available, call for price
"Critical Mass" Bronze, slightly larger then life-size. Made in 2017.     
1 of a kind lost wax cast sculpture

Available, call for price

This one is available. I will also make this image in a larger size. I think 8 to 9 feet would have a great impact.

This bronze titled (IMPULSE) is 23" tall, and  life size in scale. This work is available.

Created with funds from the Illinois arts council. Located at the Hauberg Museum in Rock Island county, Illinois.
"Spring Wind" Designed and made for the North Scott school District.
"Spring Wind" Detail
 (CONVOLUTED WOMAN) It is life size in scale.  It is a very interesting sculpture to look at. 22'' tall and about 27'' wide. You can see influences of Art Deco,Celtic and Egyptian art in this work. sold to collectors in Winnetka Illinois.
This bronze piece titled (INCEPTION) is a life size scale work. This sculpture is available.
"Da Vinci's Warrior". Inspired by a drawing by Leonardo Da vinci. This bronze shows my love of the classical styles of art. You will find influences from all sorts of artr and art forms in my sculptures.
Available, call for price
"Time Passes" 16" tall

 "Adam" Bronze 12'x18'x 6'
Both of these sculptures are available at this time. The green one is on a granite base and the brown one is on a wood base.
Call for price. Can be made in other sizes.
Commissioned by Deere & co in 2012. Located at Trail Head Park in Moline Illinois. This bronze is 5' tall and 8' wide
"Unrelenting Time" Designed and made for the North Scott School District. 6 feet wide
This sculpture is titled (ARTIFICE) it is 27" tall. The face is about 1 1/2 times life size. It is owned by the Moilne public library.
2/3 life sized "Time passes"
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